Utilizing the resources around us, our cattle herd has been bred to fit its environment. Grazing in mountain pastures during the summer, wintering on stubble, and utilizing native grasses though the spring. We believe that cattle have to work as hard for us as we do for them. We seek the highest quality seed stock for our operation to maximize these issues. Calving ease, fast gaining calves, that we sell locally, also using disposition as a key component to our cattle herd is what we are producing. We use low stress handling and do not use any hormones or implants.

Our base genetics are Red and Black Angus, with a small influence of Hereford and Simmental, to produce what we believe is the optimal cow raising healthy calves. We calve late January through early March. Calves are branded and vaccinated shortly afterward, where they are turned out on native grassland.

We use environmentally sound grazing practices, rotating pastures, and respecting our wildlife counterparts. In the summer the cattle are among the meadows and the pines, with an abundance of green grasses. We thin our forest, maximizing sunlight reaching the forest floor as well as for fire control and bug infestations.

In the fall our cattle are brought to wheat and corn stubble, where they will spend the winters, conditioning themselves for another calf crop. Our weaned calves are fed a hay ration over the winter, and the following spring are turned out on grass to fatten.

We have locker beef available for purchase in half or whole beef boxes. For more information please contact Randy Bracher at

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