Custom Farming

Custom farming is an alternative that allows a landowner who wishes to remain classified as a farmer the ability to retain close control of the farming business, but not be actively involved in the physical farming duties. The owner pays for all inputs and receives all crop sales, but pays the operator a fee for performing respective duties.

We have several options available for equipment to optimize efficiency and control input costs. The benefit to custom farming is the landowner does not have the large capital outlay for equipment. One of the disadvantages is risk exposer to crop prices and yield.

Communication is key with a custom farming agreement. Acres, field operations and conservation practices are all aspects that need to be discussed and agreed upon within this relationship. We pride ourselves on open communication, and are willing to discuss any ideas or processes the landowner may have in mind that may help with the environmental/ economic balance.

Our rates are custom fit to each operation and landowner.  Field size, weed pressure, distance traveled and operation efficiencies are all considered when we apply our services.

Please feel free to contact Bracher Farms, if you would like to explore the opportunity of our operation helping yours.

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